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Hello world!

Hello blogospherical world! As friends know I have been blogging about tags and databases for a while at Tagschema . But since that blog is narrowly focused and I want to keep it that way, and I have other non-tagschemical thoughts bubbling up for a while now, I started this blog.

Since I don’t want to restrict myself to any specific technical or non-technical subject this time, and since some of these topics actually came out of discussions I had on walks, the name of the blog followed somewhat from that.


Since we have the necessary preamble out of the way, here’s a preview of things to come. One major theme will be a somewhat subjective view on the inside workings of software companies and teams that do software development. Not the financials and the market dynamics but the internal dynamics of teams and management during the development of a product and related stuff.

I tried hard to get Om Malik to start an area on his site about these things but for some reason he didn’t bite. So I guess he’ll just have to get me to guest write ;-).

Another theme will be software development in India and ongoing comparison and contrast with processes there and in the US.

Yet another theme will be the environment and the technical community.

And then ongoing commentary on Web 2.0 and other trendy widgety, ajaxy, javascripty ruby-duby-doo’s.

You have been warned.

Topics of a couple of upcoming posts.

1) The Peter Principle applied to software innovation :-

Every company innovates until it finds a cash cow, whereupon all innovation is directed towards the support of the cash cow. And all other innovation is quashed or languishes. and what can be done about it.

2) Wizards don’t scale.

How you can’t build large companies by hiring a lot of software wizards and putting them together in one room. And why. And how ants do scale. And how this relates to software development in the US and India.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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