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The earlier article got a bit of interest, a lot more than I expected, but also some discussion of whether it made sense at all. An example oft quoted is of Google. So using recent events I’d like add this post to underline what exactly the Peter Principle of Innovation says.

This week Google bought DoubleClick for $3.1 billion, underscoring the fact that it is an advertising company. In the meanwhile Twitter an SMS based webapp exploded and continues to grow. And finally Dodgeball a company in the same space as Twitter was bought by Google and left to languish – clearly it did not fit in with the advertising-uber-alles credo.
The cash-cow – advertising. Other innovative applications don’t make it. A twist of irony is that Evan Williams, left Google and created Twitter underlining the part in the original article that innovators leave to form other companies. Clearly it could not have happened inside Google as it has no immediate relationship to the cash-cow.

‘Nuff said.

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Robert Young, whose posts are always interesting and informative, writes on NewTeeVee about two of the many actors on the ‘Net Stage, with whom we have a love-admire-fear relationship.

Did Murdoch just KO Google?

When one is asked about Google’s incredible success to date, and what they did so right, the obvious answer will likely involve an explanation of the brilliant technologies that make up PageRank and Adwords.  More …

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