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I love Apple products – and I’ve converted many PC users to Macs. But I often find some glaring things that I wish were’nt so about Apple hardware, software and service. So  here are some suggestions for things that Apple could do to make their products better and also some things that would make them more developer friendly – lot more developer friendly.


  1. Make the laptop surfaces not slippery – this is a major design flaw – provide easy grip matt surface patches where the user is likely to hold the laptop about 2 – 3 inches in from the edge – less repairs due to dropping – better for Apple.
  2. Provide a short 2″ adapter cable so that older laptops can be retrofitted to use the new magsafe power supplies – better for Apple – no need to keep making the older one’s. Users get the no-yank benefit of magsafe. 
  3. Allow easily replaceable and upgradeable hard drives in laptops please.  I don’t mind paying for a hard drive upgrade at an Apple store – they just won’t do it.
  4. Move all major ISV’s to native Intel this year – that way we don’t lose performance going through the Universal emulation layer.
  5. Have an advanced mode on OSX which is developer friendly and allows  backup and restore including all developer tools and settings etc  This could also allow an optional unified view of all /Applications directories on all mounted bootable drives;  same for /Users and ~/Desktop, /usr and /usr/local. This makes carrying your  environment on a bootable external drive seamless – you can now plug into any machine and not necessarily have to boot from one drive or the other.
  6. Java is not dead – please talk to your loyal developers about your Java plans – keep the lines of communication open and don’t yank important software after you have released it in your developer editions.  At least tell us why.  Developers are your biggest evangelists, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
  7. Allow self-service at your stores where a pro-care customer gets access to diagnostic tools, bootable external drive, restore discs etc. so we don’t have to wait in line just to have something done we could do ourselves if we had the tools available.
  8. When you say you’ll give pro care users quicker service please mean it. I am tired of whiny iPod users being given preference even when I have procare, just because mine is “probably not a 5 min problem”.
  9. Take as much pride in your service as you do your product design.  Influencers are beginning to notice that Apple service needs attention.

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