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Maybe some of these exist already – I don’t know but I’m sure I’ll hear about it if they do.
1)  The ability to pull a shorturl out of a twitter and directly place into del.icio.us or another bookmarking service in one click – a browser plugin that does this would be great.
2) An RSS feed of the favorites of people I am following.
3) Random suggestion of “related” people to follow based on my current “following” list.
Open Data
1)  A clear definition of what it means for a web app to have “open data” ( I have some ideas about this ).
2) Implementations of “open data” – I don’t expect these from the big names, rather new disruptive players will create applications based on  “open data” from the ground up and the big guys will have a hard time following these.
3) Simple and easy ways to integrate data on S3-like and SimpleDB-like repositories into blog posts – i.e. being able to “#include” arbitrary URL’s and have them rendered in place – this will make  it possible to maintain data independent of the app and maintain one definitive copy of the data rendered in multiple apps and different visual wrappers.
Mobile Data
1) A simple way to upload and back up my mobile phone content in a portable way.
2) Ability to restore backed up data to different phone when I move carriers and/or phones.
3) Ability to sync phone, web and desktop versions of data seamlessly.

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